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What is Classical Fencing? No, I mean really?

February 16, 2017

A newly penned article about what classical fencing is and is not (as well as info regarding different styles of nineteenth century fencing), by Russell Hogg, instructor at the Cote du Golfe School of Fencing.

Cote du Golfe School of Fencing

OK, there’s a bit of fire to follow, so let me especially emphasize that the opinions expressed below are my own and not necessarily reflective of The Martinez Academy of Arms, Maestro Ramon Martinez, or Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martinez.  I’m sorry for the length, too…

What is Classical Fencing?  What makes it different from Modern Fencing?  A lot of internet ink has been spilled over these two questions.  I’ll be frank, I’m exhausted with it.  I am tired of seeing reactionaries define classical fencing as representing whatever is the opposite of their particular distaste for modern fencing.  I am tired of seeing pedantic academics nitpick definitions to death, losing the forest for the trees (and I say this as a professional pedantic academic myself, an anthropologist) and blinding people with B.S.  I am tired of modern sport fencers trying to co-opt and define classical fencing for themselves, and allowing them to…

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