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Q: I have an upcoming martial arts event in the New York City area that I’d like you to know about. What can I do about it?

A: We suggest you join the Martial Artists of New York Facebook Group, where you can let us know about your event, as well as take part in discussions, and receive updates.

Q: My school is not listed, and I would like it to be. What can I do to get it listed on this site?

A: Click on the  “About” menu tab on the upper left. This will take you to a page that includes a contact form with which you can e-mail the webmaster all the appropriate information pertaining to your school.

Q: There is outdated or erroneous information about my school on your site. What can I do about it?

A: Use the contact form on the “About” menu page (accessible on the upper left), and include the specific information that you would like updated. Or, you can send us a specific message via the form below (if you use the form on the “About” page, however, it is more likely to get updated in a speedy manner:

Q: My school is already listed on your site, but I do not like the way that it is described. What can I do about it?

A: Contact the webmaster via the above form, tell us your relationship to the school (instructor, owner, student, etc.) and let us know what you would like added, amended, or corrected.

Q: My school offers instruction in White Crane Kung Fu, Yang-style T’ai Chi Chuan, Kenjutsu sword technique, Jiu Jitsu, Kali/Eskrima, and a little bit of English singlestick. However, I see that you’ve chosen to list me under only one category on this website. Why is this, and can I be listed in all of the sections pertaining to what I teach?

A: Recently, we’ve been receiving a lot of requests like this. We understand that with the rise of MMA and the value of cross-training, it can make sense for a martial arts school to offer as wide a variety of different styles and systems as possible. However, in this era of internet-abundant, information overload, we believe that the value of this website consists as much in being an information filter as being an information provider. We have tried to realize this by streamlining the information researched and received into a menu-style layout that will direct visitors toward the area(s) that specialize in their interest. We therefore ask that you indicate your dominant martial arts lineage (or primary style), and we will list your school in that corresponding section (we have made exceptions for the “Stick,” “Knife,” and “Flexible weapons” sections, which are extremely small, and can contain cross-listings). You can still, of course, list everything that you teach in the text of your school description, and this will appear in any pertinent search results when a visitor uses the search feature that is always visible on the right-hand column of this site.

Q: That’s fine, but I don’t have any one dominant or primary style. I teach everything with the same level of dedication, proficiency and expertise.

A: In that case, the “MMA” or “Other” sections are the most appropriate for your school.

Q: Your website lists a school which is now closed, or no longer exists. What can I do about it?

A: Contact the webmaster via the above form with the pertinent updated information.

Q: Why should I seek instruction at a Martial Arts school at all? Why can’t I just learn martial arts online, or from books?

A: “The verbal instruction and mental input of the teacher is indispensable. It is essential to have a teacher; it is necessary to go through physical and mental contact with a teacher and fellow students. Simply relying on ‘book knowledge’ and individual practice does not work. Just as a swimmer must make contact with water, it is necessary to have contact with a teacher before it is possible to proceed with the endless process of individual absorption of the teachings. Only then can one learn advanced martial arts.” – Shi Ming


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