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Flexible Weapons

The Raven Arts Institute of Sevillian Steel

Maestro James Loriega

609 Avenue X
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Telephone: 347.410.2691

“The Raven Arts Institute is a training hall dedicated to instruction in the traditional edged weapons arts of Spain and the neighboring Western European countries. Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of training are available in a number of martial disciplines, including the navaja, walking stick, stiletto, and savate. Short courses are also available in flexible weapons, improvised weapons, and unarmed military combatives.”

“At RAI we teach the use of the Neck Whip as a viable defense against edged weapons. We also instruct in the cape, along with the sash (faja)…”


New York Ninpokai / Honbu

Director and Senior Instructor, James Loriega

609 Avenue X
Brooklyn, NY 11235

“The New York Ninpokai was founded by James Loriega-Shihan, a ninjutsu practitioner who began his formal Shinobi training in 1967 under the personal mentorship of the late Grandmaster Ronald Duncan, the Father of American Ninjutsu. The Ninpokai provides traditional instruction in the Koryu Shinobi arts. Beyond the ubiquitous Taijutsu (unarmed combat) and Kobujutsu (ninja weaponry) arts, we are unique in also teaching the higher order arts of Ninso (Japanese face-reading), Satsujin (opponent assessment), Katsusatsu (Moxibustion and other resuscitation methods), and Shinri-Gaku (psychological methods of deception).”

“At the NYN we instruct a wide variety of flexible weapons beginning with the weighted chain (Manrikigusari), the arresting rope (Torinawa), and the Sickle-and-chain (Kusarigama). All of these a complete, stand-alone curricula.”

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