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Feb. 20, 2016:



Shihan Rick Wigginton, 1st Generation Ninjutsu Instructor

Level 2:
Advanced Stress Responses, Under Adverse Conditions,
Including Edged Weapons – Handguns – Unarmed Scenarios

Date: Saturday, February 20, 2016
Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm, late registration starts at 10:am
Place: Ninpokai Hombu, in Brooklyn, NY

Note: Ninjutsu Practitioners, by Invitation Only!
No Spectators, No Videotaping, No Titles, No Egos, No Exceptions

Email: for particulars


Feb. 28, 2016:

Awareness and Personal Security Intensive.

Seminar with Maestro James Loriega.

Sunday February 28, 2016, 12-4 PM.

LaMama Studios, 47 Great Jones Street, New York, NY.

In our modern world, with its multitude of distractions, it is easy to lose our environmental awareness, and become oblivious to potential danger. In this seminar we will cover the most fundamental strategies for personal safety and security, and the simple tactics required. This includes, but is not limited to: awareness, mindset, threat assessment, how to defuse or de-escalate a situation, response options, reducing response time, pre-emption, body types, the use of equalizers, and the legal aspects regarding the use of force. This seminar is open to everyone—no martial arts experience is necessary.

The fee is $75.00.  Please contact Maestro Acosta-Martinez at to register for this unique and important event.  This intensive is limited to 20 students and an age requirement of 16 years and above. Advanced Registration is required. Registration forms available at here.


March 12:

Wudang Sword Workshop

School or organization: Wudang Swordsmen Academy
Event details: The Seven Stars of the Wudang Sword

Saturday, March 12 at 10 AM – 4 PM
Element Center for Daoist Studies, 28 Warren St. 2nd floor, New York, NY 10007


Workshop on the Foundational Methods of the classical Wu-Tang Swordstyle, as taught by 26th Generation Dragon Gate Daoist Xia Chongyi. Carrying lineage in Quanzhen, Zhengyi, and martial Daoist traditions.

The Jian–or Chinese straight sword–has held an important role in Daoist culture since before Daoism was unified under one name. A tool in the trade of cult exorcists in pre-imperial times, the village healers used both real and wooden swords to purify spaces and people alike. As time moved forward, the traveling Daoist community developed methods of self-defense to protect themselves from robbers and bandits roaming the countrysides. The melding of swordskill and Daoist philosophy took place throughout all of China. And at the Wudang Mountains (a central point in many traveling routes), it was made most famous.

The constellations play an important role in Daoist cosmology, and the Northern Laddle–Big Bear, or Big Dipper–is a key northern constellation for the Wudang monks. Appearing on all Wudang swords since Lü Dongbin’s famed Seven Star Sword appeared in the hands of Zhenwu, this marking represents both moral cultivaiton, and protecting the innocent from malintent.

Here at our workshop, we will be practicing the first stage of Wudang Swordsmanship. Studying the basic foundational methods of stretching, standing, and stepping, we will combine body movements with the Seven Star Sword Drilling Method to allow a student unlimited combinations for drilling and developing coordination between spirit and sword. Including more than just movement exercises, we will discuss the cultivational value, the health benefits, and the martial application for each practice.

After a brief lunch break, we wil return to put our practice in use. Partnering up, we will learn how to move with our sword in unison while dealing with an opponent in free movement. Discussion will branch into defensive theory, and the moral positioning required of a Daoist in a swordfight. A variety of Fencing drills will be shared, so that a vast array of combative scenarios can be familiarized.

This is the first stage of developing a quality Wudang Sword practice in your daily life. Upon Swordsman Xia’s next trip to New York City, he will be providing those students that show compentence in their practice their first traditional form. This may range from Taiji to Kungfu, depending on the needs and interest of the student.

This workshop will be followed by an open practice session for in Seward Park the next morning for a low donation. Those attending this workshop will be invited to join us the following morning, as well.

Wudang Sword Foundations (10AM – 1:00PM)
Daoist Standing Warm-Ups
Introducing Wudang Culture
Introducing the Sword
Seven Star Sword Drilling Method
15 Foundational Postures
Linking Cuts Drilling Method
*Open discussions with time remaining

Taiji Fencing Foundations (2:00PM – 4:00PM)
Introducing Taiji Fencing
6 of 18 Principle Fencing Drills
Practical vs. Competitive Fencing
Free-fencing (& w/ Swordsman Xia)
*Open discussions with time remaining

Join us with a minimal donation of $110.00
If you are only interested in the morning program, $90.00

**Instructors in the NEW YORK vacinity, please message Xià Chóngyì for details on our Instructor’s Incenstive Program, and learn how you can be financially thanked for having your students participate in our events**

March 13:
Spring Chinese Swordsmanship Gathering – NYC

School or organization: Wudang Swordsmen Academy
Event details: Spring Chinese Swordsmanship Gathering – NYC

Sunday, March 13th at 7:20 AM – 10:20 AM in EDT
Seward Park (Manhattan), New York, New York 10002


Join us for some morning training, learning, discussion, and of course, fencing!

Hosted by #ChinatownMayor and fellow swordsman, Jonathan UN, Swordsman Xia will be holding an open training session Sunday morning for those who have previous experience with Jian, Swordsman Xia, Kung Fu, or the martial arts.

We will be chatting warming up, demoing material, and teaching small individual lessons, and handing out pointers. Once things settle in, Swordsman Xia will be introducing our practical and competitive Taiji Fencing methods for continued community practice and refinement.

THIS IS NOT A WORKSHOP. This is a training session, meet-up, and social. Please come ready to practice and learn, but remember time here will be relaxed and focus on interaction more than transmission of material. You should expect to go home with a great deal of new information, experience, and skill.

**Pre-registration will be $30.00.
We ask a low donation of $40.00 to help cover Swordsman Xia’s travel/overnight expenses while in the city, and coordiantion expenses. People > pesos, do what you can! 🙂

Please join us at our Saturday Wudang Swordsmanship workshop in Manhattan the day before if you are interested studying Wudang Sword:

Life Nourishing Arts from the Daoist Mountains
School or organization: Wudang Swordsmen Academy
Event details: Life Nourishing Arts from the Daoist Mountains

Sunday, March 13th at 1 PM – 4 PM
Element Center for Daoist Studies, 28 Warren St. 2nd floor, New York, NY 10007


Lineage-carrying Wudang Daoist, Xià Chóngyì, has dedicated his life to the furthering of the Daoist Arts, here in the west. With branch locations and partner schools in over 10 states and 3 countries, Michael Xia will be bringing his teachings here to Element Center for the Daoist Arts this Spring to share how he manages health, longevity, and minfulness practices of the Wudang Mountains.

Wudang is famous for many things– mostly martial arts. As the birthplace of Taijiquan (Tai Chi) and the famous Swordstyles of the Daoists, Wudang Mountain can be overlooked as a place for cultivating clarity and stillness. But these mountains have a deep and rich heritage due to their central location for traveling Daoists priests and monks. Here, the many variations of Daoist life nourshing and immortaily techniques merged and formed into a wide array of practices. Originally named Tai He Shan, or Great Harmony Mountain, Wudang was a place for solitude and cultivation long before the legends in the martial realm took hold. Here, we will hopefully provide a glimpse into the depths of Wudang internal health practice.

This workshop will offer an overview of health and longevity arts’ roles in daily life and practice. We will cover a well-balanced regiment of traditional and compiled qigong and daoyin sets for both developing the body’s structure, but also for the cultivation of Jing, Qi, & Shen, into unity. Learning to apply these practices to your daily life, you should have an excellent 40 minute – 1 hour practice to bring home into your daily life.

Material will include:
• Daoist Self-Massage –– for entering and exiting practice;
* Standing Joing Warming & Loosening Gong Series –– for addressing joint health and range of movement;
• Cloudhands Gong Series –– for smooth joints and movement;
• Laojun Wuji Zhanzhuang Series –– for cultivating clarity & stillness; &
* Laojun Taiji Standing Gong Series –– for unifying Jing-Qi-Shen while increasing health, improving stability, strengtheng structure, and maintaining mental clarity.

This workshop is 3 hours in length, with a short intermission. Qigong and Longevity Arts can be exhuasting in a workshop environment. These practices are designed to be “at your own pace,” and “within your comfort zone.” So please remember to pace yourself during the workshop.

We are requesting a $50.00 donation for this event, or pre-register by February for 45.00.

Have an event you would like us to list? Contact us at the form below.

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