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Occasionally, we will be profiling New York City-based martial arts schools on this page. The focus is on unique, unusual, or obscure but special schools.

Following are the schools that we have profiled…click on the name in bold to read the corresponding article:

The Martinez Academy of Arms – 12/10/2014


Stay tuned for more profiles in the future.

One Comment
  1. David permalink

    If I can, I would like to nominate Alan Lee’s Kung Fu, Wu Su Association for a profile. Of course everyone who visits this site will want their school featured. However, Grandmaster Alan Lee’s school is different in that it is the longest continuously running school in New York (founded in 1967), teaches a unique system that is comprised of traditional martial arts from all over China, and is run as a non-profit where all instructors are volunteers rather than paid.

    School website:


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