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Up and running… with a few caveats

September 12, 2014

This website was created to be the most comprehensive listing of martial arts schools in the New York City area.  The first goal is to get a listing of all nyc martial arts schools up and get them organized into categories, so that someone who doesn’t necessarily know what they are looking for, or wants to browse, can see these schools organized in a menu-like spread. Also, I am planning on occasionally profiling or featuring a particular school; the focus will be on unique, unusual, or obscure but special schools which may have fallen by the wayside. I also plan on making the site a place wherein martial arts events in the NYC area can be announced; there will also be articles and blog posts about the history of martial arts in New York City, from the 20th century, but also going back to the 1800s and even 1700s.

The site is still a work in progress, and we will be working over the coming weeks to add more detailed information for the various schools. Currently, schools are only listed under the “By Origin” section (see menu tabs above). (The “Sword Arts,” “Knife Arts,” “Stick Arts,” and “Flexible Weapons” subsections (under “By Type”)). When, in the coming weeks, we have what we feel is a more complete listing of all the schools, we will organize them and make them viewable in the other sections as well. If you know of a school that is not yet listed, please e-mail us via the contact form on the “About” page. If you have additional information about a school that is already listed, please contact us via the form on the “About” page with the updated information, or send us a text message via the FAQ page. Thanks to everyone who has helped (and will help) to make this a truly comprehensive resource for practicing and aspiring martial artists.


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