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The Martinez Academy of Arms’ Academia

September 29, 2015

Although this article details an event held in New Orleans, it was held by the New York City-based Martinez Academy of Arms (featured on this site), and provides a nice firsthand account of a rare classical and traditional fencing event in our modern era.

Columbia Classical Fencing, LLC

Recently, I was privileged to participate in the first ever Martinez Academy of Arms Academia in New Orleans, Louisiana. This was a gathering of all the MAA schools and academies, including Palm Beach Classical Fencing, Côte du Golfe School of Fencing, Salle St. George, and Destreza Pacifica School of Arms. And it was one of the most impressive fencing scenes I have ever witnessed.

Before continuing, I should make a full disclosure: I am not officially a member of the Martinez Academy of Arms or any of its affiliated academies or schools. Moreover, I did not learn to fence under Maestro Ramon Martinez or Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martinez, and was introduced to the maestri only a few years ago. Nonetheless, I cannot say that I am unbiased.

Since meeting them, Maestri Martinez and Acosta-Martinez have been unimaginably generous to me:  teaching me whenever possible, gently correcting my faults, and encouraging me. Unfortunately, due…

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